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The price of each of our paintings vary depending upon factors such as the size and framing method chosen.

We also have to take into consideration the number of people or animals in the original photograph. Detailed features such as the face take the majority of the time due to this being a very delicate task. We therefore need to know the number of subjects within the painting to be able to price it correctly.

Our order tool will allow you to select the specs of the painting, from type of medium, size of canvas and framing options. This is totally free and you can change and re-change your mind as many times as you feel fit to reach the final specification you need.

Our tool is fully automated and gives an instant onscreen quote. Due to the dynamic nature of producing a hand crafted item, we submit your specification to the artist we feel best suits your needs. On occasion the artist will ask us to discuss changes to the specification with you as the proportions or details of the original photo may not suit the specification selected.

As soon as your painting is ready we email you for your approval. We do not charge for any alterations you may request at this point.

Photo Selection

We prefer a Jpeg but can handle other formats as well. If uploading direct from your phone, tablet, facebook or instagram the format should automatically be a jpeg so no need to worry.

To produce the best possible painting the photo needs to allow the artist to clearly see the details of your photo.

Here are some tips to select the right photo.

1. Try to select and send photos with the highest possible resolution. The artist will have difficulty creating a good quality painting if they are unable to see any detail from the photo. If your photo is less than 100 KB in size, with a small pixel size as well its resolution may be too low this will mean the artist will have more difficulty in producing a good end result.

The face is the most important part of any painting featuring a person and we require all photos to be clear enough (high resolution) so that the artist can zoom in on the important details of the face, such as the eyes, nose & mouth.

If any areas of the face are pixelated or blurry then it will make it extremely difficult for your artist to create a realistic painting for you.

2. Select an appropriate background. You may have a photo of your family taken in a location with a busy background filled with details that will detract from the final painting.

Using our state-of-the-art order tool you can tell your artist to use a one colour background from a selection of colours or simply let the artist decide. The section is made simple with one click.

3. Always send the largest possible size image, if sending from a digital camera make sure you send the original format not a resized version of the image.

4. Scanning. If you are scanning a real hard copy of a photo, make sure the scanner settings are set at the highest quality.

5. Facebook/Instagram Uploads. These social media sites, shrink your photos as they are uploaded, we have included the option to upload direct from these sites but be aware that it is vitally important that photos taken from these or any other social media site are clear.

6. If you are unsure of any quality of a photo please email us or talk to us direct on live chat & facebook messenger to get some advise from us direct. This is free and will eliminate any changes to your order as images that are not suitable may need to be changed to another to make the order possible.


Yes! Absolutely, our artists are skilled at combining people or animals from different photographs onto one painting. You may have lost a loved one who no longer features on a family photo. Alternatively you may have the perfect smiles from your children captured across multiple photos and wish to have that perfect group photo from the combined photos. 

Using the text box provided within the order wizard you can add comments to your artist make sure you give as much detail as you can as this will allow them to do the best work possible. We also suggest you choose the email sending option for adding your multiple photos.

This is an objective matter and one of personal choice. The most popular mediums our customers select are Oil & Charcoal.

If you want your order a little quicker than normal then we suggest Charcoal or Acrylic as they have an instant drying time unlike oil paintings that take a few days to dry before they are framed and sent to you.

Of course with no hassle at all and no extra cost simple select choose your own background when you reach that option inside the ordering wizard. If you would like the artist to choose a suitable background, they have the skill and experience to select a perfect match. When you place your order you will see a comment text box which allows you to let us know of any changes you wish to have done to your photo including the background.