About Us

WePaintYourPhotos was established with the expressed goal of creating high quality custom artwork for people who want a beautiful yet unique way of capturing their treasure memories.

With the technology boom of the past decade we have all tended to move away from traditional photographs stored on our wall or family albums into the digital wasteland stored online or on memory sticks never to be seen again or quickly fading from memory. 

Our founder wanted a way to capture your precious moments as a constant visual reminder about the people or things that are important to your life. 

We all have that special memory that deserves to be glorified, shouted about or simply remembered with fond memories. This could be your marriage, the birth of a child, the passing of a much loved family pet or that once in a lifetime trip that you never want to forget. 

Whatever the memory may be we have the skill, the understanding and the experience to transform those memories into a piece of art worthy of telling the whole world about. 

Each artist is a professional with over a decade of individual experience and well versed in our methods and your needs as a customer. 

We give personal attention to every customer and every order. It is our goal to ensure that every client receives a piece of truly amazing art that they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Throughout our process, you the customer is kept up to date with the status your order. 

For more information on our ordering process see the how it works section. We hope to help you take your photo to painting as we have done with many customers to date.